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設計・製造ソリューション展 メイキング DMS EXPO 2015 “process”

DMS EXPO 2015 "process" by HILLTOP
設計・製造ソリューション展 2015で展示させていただいた作品たちの製作プロセスや展示会風景の紹介映像です。
映像撮影: Yosuke MORISHITA
音楽制作: Yoshinari KUWAYAMA
2015年6月24~26日に開催されました「設計・製造ソリューション展 2015」に出展させていただきました。 HILLTOPブースではアルミの切削部品やアーティスティックな作品、自動で動く搬­送ロボット(AGV)を展示させていただきました。



DMS EXPO 2015 "process" by HILLTOP
It is an introduction video of the production process and exhibitions landscape of work who I was allowed to exhibit at the Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo 2015.
House and I was surprise aired at the event, but is the public even youtube so much trouble that!
Video shooting: Yosuke MORISHITA
Music production: Yoshinari KUWAYAMA
We were allowed to exhibit in the "Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo 2015" which was held on June 24 to 26, 2015.
In HILLTOP booth we were allowed to exhibit cutting parts and artistic works of aluminum, a transfer robot that runs on automatic (AGV).

Everyone who your visitors, thank you very much!